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We have found a processor for you! Approval will still require underwriting and additional documentation. After you complete this form your agent will send you a unique secure link to upload the required documentation needed to submit to underwriting. This information will be entered on the completed merchant application with the rates and fees. That will be provided after all needed documents are submitted. If you do not have those docs ready please do not submit this form until you are ready. This application is on a secure 256 bit encryption page for your security.

*If you are not working with a direct PayHouse Advisor please put "PayHouse Direct".
*If different than Legal Business Name.
If you have multiple websites separate by commas.
Enter your TIN used to pay your taxes.
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*This is require to verify proof of identity. (ex. 333-33-3333)
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In some cases some banks may not be accepted into our program due to restrictions on the banking networks policies.
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