Banking Solutions For High Risk Businesses

There are many emerging industries that may be considered high risk and find banking solutions elusive.  Most banks are hesitant to take on these businesses, because they carry more market, operational, credit, fraud, and compliance risk.  PayHouse Advisors work with a network of domestic and international banks to secure banking solutions for these high risk markets.  A PayHouse Advisor works on your behalf with banking liaisons from multiple banking groups to find the right banking solutions that fits your business.  Our team will help you prepare the right documentation & profile packet to ensure banking liaisons that your business is a safe bet.  We’ll work on your behalf to meet compliance & regulatory requirements to find banking solutions such as: business banking, cash management & pick-up, processing, and ATM services.

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banking solutions

Business Banking

Banking can be an elusive service for high risk or cash intensive businesses. Use us to connect to the right domestic or international banking network. We’ll make sure you get into the right banking network.

Cash Management Services

Cash Management

Cash heavy businesses may need additional services to manage daily cash flow. PayHouse can help you setup armored cash services, in-house cash management systems, or onsite vault services.

Banking Solutions

Security & Compliance

High risk businesses are declined bank accounts, because of compliance and security risks. Our partners with years of experience in banking regulations will help you complete a thorough compliance packet to meet regulations.

Manage Money Securely

If you are cash intensive business or considered a business to be in the high risk category we can help secure your funds with the right banking solutions and services. Use our compliance teams to increase your chances of being banked securely.

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