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How proud are you of your brand? A strong brand stands out in the market and creates a separation between you and your competitors.  Branding is about connecting you with your customers and leaving a lasting impression.  Having a poor brand strategy can make or brake a company and PayHouse is here to help.  It’s more than just a logo or design.  Our team of professional brand strategist can bring your ideas to life and make a statement in the market.  We’ll combine visual design, the right messaging, and a brand strategy that you’ll be proud of.

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Bringing Your Vision To Life

Developing a powerful brand is more than just a logo or image…it’s the way your target audience remembers you.  Your branding is the foundation to your market presence and 1st impression to loyal fans.  Your personal PayHouse Advisor will gather the right market data to develop that perfect branding strategy you be proud of.  Our goal is to create a loyal customer base that has confidence in your brand.  Once we’ve accomplished the right brand strategy you can count on us to help promote your brand with the right marketing plan.  That plan will help implement your brand across the internet, social media, and direct to consumer.


Initial Branding Concept

Let’s not over complicate the process. We’ll take our research along with your ideas and put that together with premium design to bring your design to concept.

Drafts & Revisions

Our design teams are passionate about getting it right from the start. Once a concept is born we fine tune it to meet your approval.

Final Delivery

After the final approval we can discuss how to take your brand and apply it to your business across brand materials such as print, internet, and PR.

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Strong Branding

If you are needing a rebrand or starting from scratch, we would love to create a strong brand for you.  With PayHouse, you get more than just a design house.  PayHouse Consulting Group is a network of talented consultants, marketers, brand strategists, researchers, and technology enthusiasts.  This powerful combination gives you the advantage that most design firms can not provide.  A powerful branding team has different perspectives and experience that can bring to life your vision to create a powerful company brand.

Market Research 98%
Brand Strategy 92%
Premium Design 96%
Implementation 100%

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