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PayHouse understands that traditional lending may not be for every business. It can be tedious and many times result in unfavorable terms, higher rates, and low approvals. Our PayHouse Finance Advisors understands what it takes to get you the funding you need with the best terms. We work with leaders in alternative funding solutions with high approvals, simplified applications, competitive rates plus you get trusted advisor that will walk you through the process.  Your options are virtually limitless.  Get the money you need to keep your business growing.

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Working Capital

Get the capital you need to keep your business running.

Funds To Operate

Working Capital offers funding when your cash flow is tight.  Get funds to pay rent, payroll, inventory, suppliers, or seasonal ramp ups. Favorable terms from 3-24 months up to $500k.

Expansion Capital

Alternative financing to expand your business and induce growth.

Money To Grow

Get the funding for location expansion, equipment purchases, hiring employees, inventory, marketing, or business improvements.

Startup Capital

Get sufficient capital to bring your business to life.

Succeed From The Start

Accelerate your business growth and ensure the future of your business.  Establish your business credit worthiness by giving your business a credit history right out the gate.

Equipment Financing

Get equipment by leasing or financing a purchase.

Stay Operational

Preserve your cash and get up to $150k for new or used equipment.  Must be 6 months in business with minimum credit score of 620.

Merchant Cash Advance

Get cash based on your sales volume with easy terms.

Payments Varies

Merchant Cash Advances are great with less restricted guidelines. Payments are based on a percentage of future monthly sales.  If sales go down, so do your payments.  Easy to apply for.

Business Credit Line

Only use what you need with an extended line of credit.

Relax You Have Credit

A business line of credit is favorable, because of the lower rates and the ability to use only what you need.  Get up to $150k of credit with access to funds fast.

Equipment funding

Simple Process

Getting a funding can be cumbersome, but we’ll help you work through the process. After deciding the right type of financing, our team will help you prepare all the needed documentation. That borrower’s profile packet will give you the best financing options at the lowest cost.

The Right Terms

We take your lending profile and match it with the right terms and rates that make sense for your business. The perfect option will be negotiated on your behalf ensuring you have the best option at the lowest rates. PayHouse offers short term, long term, traditional or alternative financing. .

High Approvals

PayHouse works with a long list of funding resources which means the only options we’ll bring to the table has a 90% or more approval rating. We’ll find the right lender that fits your lending criteria to increase your chances. If we feel the chances of getting approved is low we’ll tell you upfront.

Fast Funding

Most lenders we work with offer fast funding from 1-5 days depending on the amount and type of financing. If there’s no collateral required and you have a good borrower’s profile then it can be as little as 24 hours. PayHouse understand that most businesses needed the money…..yesterday.

Business Financing Made Easy

Trying to figure out how to finance certain aspects of your business can be stressful. That’s why we are here.  First step is to get you prequalified and see which financing resource matches your business funding needs. Submit prequalification for free below.

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