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At PayHouse Consulting Group we believe that business can always be done better. We first look for businesses and entrepreneurs that have the passion to grow and succeed. Our consulting firm then opens up our resources to refine your road to more revenue and success. Our team of PayHouse Advisors offers an extensive list of solutions focused on financial services, marketing & media, consulting, funding, and investment opportunities. This powerful combination increases your customer base, manages your money properly, and offers additional resources to expand & grow.  Use us to develop a well rounded business and let us do the hard work.

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Our focus is how revenue is derived, collected, funded, increased, and invested.  Our suite of consulting services are proven to give you the upper hand in sustaining a successful business now and for the future.  PayHouse is your go-to consulting firm when you need a reliable business partner.  We look forward to making you more successful.

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PayHouse Payments

One-stop-shop for all our financial needs. Handling funds is our nature. How do you handle yours?

Collect, Receive, & Invest

PayHouse Payments offers ways to process payments, get funding, establish banking, & invest in opportunities.

PayHouse Media & Marketing

Develop a marketing channel that increases your business across multiple media channels.

Are You Relevant?

Marketing is a necessity to survive and grow.  Our worldwide team specializes in internet marketing, design & branding, plus video & mobile.

PayHouse Consulting

PayHouse Advisors will give you the prospective insight you need to stay successful.

Ge The Right Advice

Depend on us for the best insight, research, and analysis to bring you intuitive solutions.  Our team and network is your team and network.

We’ve Been Around The Block A Few Times…

Million Annual Processing
Million Monthly Transactions
Million Annual Funding
Managed Merchant Accounts
Websites Developed
Mobile Apps Developed
Million Video Views
Million Website Traffic
Client Average Revenue Increase
Funded Investments

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