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Video Marketing Done Right

Video is by far the best way to connect your message to your audience. Billions of videos are viewed everyday online. It’s a proven fact that video is the most engaging way to convert visitors into taking action. Our video service is more than just a video creation & production company. Although it is important to produce a high quality video, it’s more important to market the video properly. We have created thousands of videos and attracted millions of views for our clients. This results in more website traffic, brand awareness, more business, and attracting more interest. We utilize the most advance video marketing techniques and technology to get your video in front of viewers immediately. Our premium video services include video production, video syndication, video SEO, and setting up video branded channels. Let’s develop a video marketing plan today and give your business the credibility it deserves!

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Why Video Is The Most Important Marketing Tool…

Types Of Videos For Your Business

Our Video Production & Promotion Process

1. Discovery & Idea

Conduct client call and briefing of initial project.  Brainstorm ideas and concept of vision for video project and messaging.

2. Pre-Production

Begin project with needed elements such as Script Writing, Storyboarding, Location Scouting, Video Style, and picking talent team.

3. Production

Begin filming or video creation, music production, voiceover, and discuss any drafts with client.  Prepare notes for post-production.

4. Post Production

Finalize all needed editing including graphics, audio sync, cuts & replacements, final editing, color grade, mixing, and mastering final video.

5. Delivery & Promotion

Prepare final video in client desired format either digital or DVD.  Do market analysis to prepare to syndicate video on all desire video and social platforms.

Get Views, Traffic, & Exposure…

Video Syndication

Don’t be the tree in the forest…get found and heard.  Our video syndication services provide a fast track way to embed your video across 30+ video streaming platforms and an array of social media outlets.  It’s like having your own video network that produces more exposure instantly.  We upload your video to major video social networks such as Youtube, Vimeo, Viddler, Metacafe, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and many more.

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Video Marketing SEO

Video Marketing SEO (search engine optimization) is a technical method we use to optimize the data that your video signals to search engines. Your video becomes more visible and ranks higher if done properly. We start by doing deep research for the best search terms to target the right demographic.  We then create optimize titles, tags, and descriptions to target those search terms. You end up ranking higher and gaining more traffic and views.

Branded Video Marketing Channels

For companies that want to keep an ongoing video presence it’s important to have a branded video marketing channel.  A branded video marketing channel gives your viewers a consistent brand appearance and more credibility.  Our PayHouse design team will create profile images and cover art to brand those channels with a professional look.

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