It’s completely undeniable how important the internet is in doing business.  If you are not making it a priority than you may be missing out. The internet has become the go-to place for consumers to search for products, services, reviews, and information.  Many businesses that lack the proper internet marketing strategy will not survive or give up a lot of business to their competitors.  Because the internet has so many avenues to think about it’s usually difficult for a business owner to figure out where to start.  There is no simple answer to that either.  It takes the right tools, research, and analytics to some up with the right plan.  Coming up up with the right plan must also be sustainable for the long run.  Watch this video to get an idea of what you should be thinking about:


It’s pretty obvious that some the first things to think about is a decent website.  Many businesses actually fail at this, because they are not thinking about what they want the website to accomplish.  It will vary from industry-to-industry, but you should think what you want when visiting other websites.  Do you want it to:

  • Provide information on the services and products
  • Get customers to come to the location of business
  • Induce the visitor to call your business
  • Showcase your company
  • Provide general information on a specifically topic
  • Generate leads or capture customer data
  • Provide feedback

Once you have a target strategy then you have to have a decent design.  That’s where our team of talented designers come in.  Many business owners do not realize how critical it is to have a fluid functional design that also looks great.  Otherwise visitors will bounce (or leave your site).  Having a mobile responsive site also makes a big difference, since more than 50% of internet search is done on mobile.  If your site isn’t loading up in less then 3 seconds it’s a 87% chance of loosing that visitor.  When creating a website be sure to have a goal, make it pretty, and make it mobile.

Outside of websites there are still many other things to thinks about like getting traffic, exposure, demographic targeting, SEO, video, mobile, and social.  Although you may not want to handle all these at once it is important to include a bit of everything…at least if you are want to get the most out of the internet.